Akerly & Childs Xtreme Piston Rings. Piston Rings designed To Minimize Cylinder Leakage, Provide Instant Seating, Control Blow By, & Increase Power Output Xteme Piston Rings and Engine Bearings. Piston Rings and Clevite Engine Bearings
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Piston Rings

Akerly & Childs performance rings are engineered to provide the best possible sealing for maximum power output.

To meet the needs of today’s harsh performance environment Akerly & Childs offers compression rings in multiple materials, widths and types.

Material choices include cast iron, cast iron moly, ductile iron moly, HTD (High Tensile Ductile) moly, tool steel and stainless steel.

Our claimer sets feature a cast iron or cast moly filled top compression ring, while our premium standard gap and file fit sets feature a ductile iron or steel plasma-moly filled top ring.

Akerly & Childs Xtreme Piston Rings And Clevite Engine Bearings
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