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piston ring compressor


Anodized Black Billet Aluminum Piston Ring Compressor by Akerly & ChildsĀ®. Piston installation is as important as a procedure than any other during engine assembly. That is why Akerly & Childs Xtreme ring compressors are manufactured with the engine builder in mind. All compressors are machined with a step at the bottom to clear block o-rings when used and made to help your engine produce maximum horsepower.

Xtreme compressors are manufactured from aircraft quality 6061T6 heat-treated aluminum and then hard anodized for long life.
P/N: AC-9400 thru AC-9499


The Akerly & Childs Xtreme ring gauge is a precision made essential tool for the engine builder that performs 2 different critical inspections. First it is used to check piston ring roundness whether rings are new or used.

To perform this inspection, place the ring in the gauge and hold it up to a light. If no light shows thru the ring can be put into service. If any light does show thru gently press your
thumb against the ring where the light is coming thru. If light is no longer coming thru the ring then it can be put into service. If you are unable to eliminate the light from showing thru by gently pressing on it with your thumb then the piston ring should not be put into service.

Secondly, placing the ring at the bottom of the gauge, and then using a feeler gauge ring end gap can be checked.

P/N: AC-9500 thru AC-9599

Akerly Childs Ring Compressor Roundess Gauge
Akerly Childs Bearing Lube


Akerly & Childs Xtreme bearing lube is specially formulated to provide proper lubrication for all engine components during assembly and the first crucial moments of operation after engine startup. Xtreme lube has a very high pressure rating for the most severe applications.

Available in 16 oz bottles.
P/N: AC-9910


Specifically formulated to lubricate the cylinder walls, piston rings, ring grooves, and pistons during engine assembly. Akerly & Childs

XTREME assembly oil is filtered to a purity of 8 microns to ensure against any foreign contaminates. Leaves no hydro-carbon deposits, helps prevent scuffing, and promotes ring break in during the first critical moments when a new engine is started. One 16 oz bottle will provide the assurance you deserve and expect for several assemblies when building a high performance engine.

P/N: AC-9900

Akerly and Child Assembly Oil